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  • Sterile Processing / Central Service Technician Program – Instructor Led Accelerated Online Only

    08/16/2023 to 12/20/2023 Must meet eligibility to enroll in accelerated program.

  • Surgical Technology & Sterile Processing / Central Service Technician Program – Online (Dual Accelerated program)

    08/15/2023 to 04/25/2024 followed by an onsite Internship for Surgical Technology only. Must meet eligibility to enter accelerated program

  • Surgical Technologist/Technician– Online/Hybrid ( Accelerated program)

    08/15/2023 to 04/25/2024 followed by an onsite Internship. (Prerequisites waived, however must meet eligibility)

  • Sterile Processing / Central Service Technician Program – Instructor Led Online Only

    4/17/2023 to 12/20/2023

  • Adobe Certified Professional in Visual Design–Remote Instructor Led Instruction

    05/15/2023 to 9/21/2023 (summer break 8/1 to 8/14/2023)

  • Pharmacy Technician ( PTCB)

    09/11/2023 to 4/20/2023 Followed by Facility Internship

  • CompTIA Cybersecurity Analyst (CySA+) CompTIA A+, Network+ Security+ and Cyber

    09/11/2023 to 05/30/2024 (Winter Break 12/22 to 1/2/2024)

  • Adobe Certified Professional in Video Design–Remote Instructor Led Instruction

    05/15/2023 to 9/21/2023 (summer break 8/1 to 8/14/2023)

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Abundant goes online! Realtime live Instructor led remote training to meet the gaps of In demand job skills so you can get to work!   The need for enhanced skills training and education is critical, especially when it comes to maintaining our public workforce. We...

welcome to Abundant

  • Prepare for Industry recognized in Demand Skills – Take classes anywhere — combo of self-pace e-learning and Live virtual Instructor Led Instruction.
  • Customize Training – Program is customize where you may not be required to repeat courses that you have already taken through prior taking a course or prior experience.
  • In demand Certifications – All of our programs lead to industry recognized employment certifications.
  • Access Anywhere – Take classes anywhere there is internet services.
  • Peer to Peer Interaction – Communicate and see peers via chat and or via webcam or offline.
  • Apply for financing – or let us set up a payment plan. Better yet, apply for deferred payments while in school. It’s a five-minute process! All prospective students approved.
  • Review classes anytime. – Although classes are live, for your convenience they are pre-recorded for you to access 24/7.
  • Simulated labs – Many programs although virtual offer hands on as though you were on site.
  • Capstone projects – Allowing you to master your skills and share with potential employers.
  • School Chaplain – Available to support during a crisis and provide counseling.
  • Career Services – Provide individual attention to students to help them achieve their career goals.

Our Programs and courses involve the close integration of technology and education aimed at the whole person. Abundant teaches you how to achieve lifelong learning and challenges your core beliefs and daily practices through redefined education as well as through habits which will impact your lives, dreams, and aspirations.

Financial Assistance for Career Learning


At ATI, preparation is key and it starts with our program structure. Ensure students are ready for their life calling by working on real-world projects and all possible scenarios as independently as possible.


Students Loan Financial Assistance


Many of our courses taught by our instructors are also available online to our students to reinforce the concepts learned in the classrooms. These online modules include contents, quizzes, graphics....


Institutional Financial Assistance


Our programs includes soft skill preparation. Included in the curriculum is a career training workshop where you will learn everything you need to know to smoothly transition into employment.




Institutional Financial Assistance


A resume and cover letter needs to reflect your personality and professional strengths. It must emphasize your technical skills as well as your unique "transferable sk

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Remote Learning Financial Assistance

Job search techniques

Since many jobs are not advertised, we teach you how to find employment opportunities using multiple resources simultaneously, including online and social media tools

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Study Financial Assistance

Technical interview preparation

During an interview, it is important to know how to verbally communicate your knowledge and skills by answering questions about yourself and asking the right questions

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To enhance the quality of life, by strengthening communities, eliminating barriers, building opportunities, and helping individuals reach their full potential through education, inspiration, and empowerment.


We believe in helping our students gain a better understanding of themselves, their gifts, and their calling.

Build a More Indespensable You.

Our purpose of integrating spiritual awareness, leadership and technology prepares you and empowers your journey forward.

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