Why Abundant

Professionals today need a different kind of education to prepare them for a world that’s constantly evolving employer demands. At Abundant we believe in an education that’s centered on your immediate career goals.

  • Are you frustrated by your job, working conditions, pay rate, or lack of advancement opportunities
  • Advancing your career or obtaining an expert status could change all that.
  • If a Certification would increase your salary by just $20,000/ year and you worked another 25 years, that would be an additional half a million dollars.

What would an additional $500k do for you and your family?

  • Nicer home?
  • More travel?
  • Better schools? 
  • Better retirement?

Abundant offers

  • Prep Services to help you obtain in demand gainful employment
  • Phenomenal Instructors, experts in their fields
  • Live remote instruction
  • Only offer In Demand Career Certification prep services
  • Microsoft Office Suite to install on your personal devices
  • Guidance and Instructions for with remote testing
  • Career Advice, resume review and support

More and more Companies and States Don’t Require a Degrees since the pandemic of Covid-19