Sterile Processing / Central Service Technician Program – Instructor Led

09/05/2023 to 03/27/2024 Monday & Wednesday 6: 30 to 9: 30
Pm Schedule. Must meet eligibility criteria to enroll

(Please contact our Admissions Office)

Surgical Technologist/Technician- Online/Hybrid Live Instructor Led

*Start Dates

*07/10/2023 (classes commence 6:30-9: 30 pm)

*09/06/2023 (Late enrollment) Must meet eligibility criteria.

*11/30/ 2023 (FAST Track Program) Must meet eligibility criteria.

*01/04/2024 (Must be a non-certified Surgical Tech or Nursing Student or other qualified position).

Contact Us to see if you meet eligibility criteria to enroll in the above listed dates.