Executive Team

The Value of your Investment

There’s no doubt that education is a major investment for most families. Before making a major investment, it’s important to consider what return you are going to make. ATI is not just like any other traditional school. Here, we offer effective hands-on training so that we can prepare you for an in-demand career in life.

Meet our Executive Team

Our Executive Team understands the needs of working adults who are pursuing their calling. They’re on a mission to change how higher education work, and are dedicated to a teaching method that raises the bar.

At ATI, we help you to take your education optimum for the modern world so that you can effectively finish your training program and make a strong foothold in the modern workforce. We have developed programs that help you to go beyond helping you with your graduation certification. We help you with your classroom sessions, study sessions, tuition payment, and also the course registration process. We want to help you graduate and sustain gainful employment in recognized employer-driven industries. We offer you the perfect training programs so that you can position yourself in the professional world.

Abundant Training Institute strives to make quality education accessible to anyone with the desire to learn. Many people come to value education only later in life; time and again, we’ve seen them become some of our most successful students. To live up to our promise of truly accessible quality education, our admission requirements are created not to exclude, but to ensure enrollees have the foundation for success in their industry of choice.


Dr. Natalie Denize-Scott | School Director | CEO & President


Bill Baig | Advisor/Consultant


Dr. T.W. Cornwell | Faculty & Associate Dean


Feddly Jeanniton | Faculty & IT Director


Victoria Mead School Pastor | Director of Admissions and Recruitment

Rebecca Ross Faculty/Healthcare Consultant/Advisor

Rebecca Ross Faculty | Healthcare Consultant | Advisor

David Cohen

David Cohen | Co Director & CFO

Tyler Lamb

Tyler Lamb | RN

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