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The Web Application Design and Development program / Associate Website Developer

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The goal of our Web Developer Program is to prepare our students to enter the field of Web Developer. Our full-stack course ( basics to complex) is taught by industry professionals and the curriculum was chosen specifically to suit the needs of the job market. In our course, you will learn to understand coding logic using PHP, Python, JavaScript, and JQuery. You will learn page presentation with HTML, and CSS. You will be introduced to what to present and how to manipulate graphics, video, and sound to fit the page. Data collecting, storage, and analysis with SQL, MySQL (relational databases).The small class size enables us to foster an atmosphere of close support and mentorship. Web Application Design and Development program offers hands-on instruction, teaching skills that are needed to become an entry-level developer or website administrator. This program requires no prior coding experience.


  • MTA, Software Development Fundamentals (98-361);  
  • Introduction to Programming using Python (98-381)
  • Introduction to Programming using JavaScript (98-382);
  • MTA, Software Development Fundamentals  (98-372 ); 
  • Database Administration Fundamentals(98-362 ); 
  • Introduction to Programming Using HTML and CS (98-383)

Certification exams are delivered by third party certification providers and must be successfully completed based on the requirements of the providers.

Admission Criteria

• Complete an interview with an Admissions representative• Pass a program assessment test/ if applicable• Own a Windows-based laptop or desktop computer for the home