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The Web Application Design and Development program / Associate Website Developer

The Web Development and Design program is a 8-month, 600-hour certificate designed for students seeking entry level or middle skills training to enter the information technology career field in the discipline of website development and design. It is designed to meet labor force demand for web developers and web designers, and addresses the growing demand for expertise in design thinking and user experience.

The Web Development and Design Certificate focuses on the tasks and skills involved in web development, design and user experience, and the technologies used to perform those tasks. This certificate supports preparation for industry certifications relevant to web development, including Certified Web Development Professional.


MTA, Software Development Fundamentals (98-361);  

Introduction to Programming using Python (98-381)

Introduction to Programming using JavaScript (98-382);

MTA, Software Development Fundamentals  (98-372 ); 

Database Administration Fundamentals(98-362 ); 

Introduction to Programming Using HTML and CSS (98-383)

Certification exams are delivered by third party certification providers and must be successfully completed based on the requirements of the providers.