Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA) Certification

Because of the prevalence of Microsoft technology, anyone who wants to be a successful network administrator or network support specialist must be familiar with Microsoft technology. This program will also prepare you for the Microsoft Certified Systems Associate (MCSA) exam, an industry standard and a beneficial addition to any resume.

The Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA) certification is another entry-level option from Microsoft that covers designing and creating technology solutions across Microsoft’s services and software suites. It’s a little more advanced than the MTA certification, but you don’t need to complete your MTA to earn your MCSA. However, you will need to earn your MCSA if you want to continue down the Microsoft certification path to earn your MCSE, MCSD, MCPS or MCT certifications.

Microsoft is an innovative leader in global computing offering popular products and services. Businesses expect their information technology staff to be trained on commonly used office products, such as Microsoft Windows and operating systems. Microsoft offers certification courses taught by Microsoft certified instructors. You can impress current and potential employers by becoming a Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA). Staying abreast of the latest technology is advantageous when seeking promotional opportunities and MSCA jobs with excellent salaries.

Job Opportunities

Those who graduate from this program use their education towards a career as a network administrator, network support specialist, computer systems analyst, computer support specialist, or similar occupation.

Career Outlook

The Bureau of Labor Statistics ( predicts that the employment of computer support specialists, including network administrators and similar positions, will grow much faster than the national average, mirroring the growth of the information technology industry in general.

Salary Information

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual income for computer support specialists, including network administrators, was around $58,000 in 2004.


Coursework for the Microsoft network specialist Certificate typically includes the following classes:

• Computer Hardware and Software

• Intro to Computer Science

• Microsoft Network Essentials

• Microsoft Systems Design

• Networking Concepts

Skills You Will Learn

While studying for this certification program, you will learn many skills that are essential to network administrators such as the installing and maintenance of networks, providing support to networks, tailoring networks to fit the needs of employers, network security, and network station dependability.