Early Childhood Education Certificate online /W optional Internship

Early Childhood Education Certificate online /W optional Internship

The Early Childhood Education program is designed to provide comprehensive training for students interested in employment in a childcare setting. The Early Childhood Education Certificate program, which can be completed in 9 months.

The program will help students develop the skills, knowledge, and understanding needed to work effectively to create healthy environments where children can grow and learn.

As a requirement of the Early Childhood Certificate program, students must successfully complete practicum assignments. Admission to the program does not ensure a practicum placement.

A prior criminal offense could hinder placement in practicums and future employment in Early Childhood Education. Students in practicums are never allowed unsupervised contact with children.

With great pay for early childhood professionals of all stripes, from preschool teachers to child and family social workers and preschool administrators, New Jersey is a place that respects expertise in early childhood education and is willing to pay accordingly.

Childcare Workers – There are 18,490 childcare workers throughout the state of NJ, making an average of $26,450. That’s right around the national average for this profession, but demand is strong, with a 9.2 percent increase in the number of jobs forecast through 2026.