Certified EKG/ECG/Phlebotomy Technician (Dual Cert)

Certified EKG/ECG/Phlebotomy Technician (Dual Cert)

Students who conclude the tandem course which teaches both Electrocardiography and Phlebotomy are on the cusp of contributing two of the most practical skills in the field of health management.

The Electrocardiography technician (and these techs are often called EKG techs) give specialized cardiac or cardiovascular tests to patients. These technicians record the results and monitor the patient throughout. As can be imagined, the EKG tech is a crucial part of the medical management team, whether the EKG techs work at a hospital, a clinic, long-term care institution or in a private doctor’s office. In the carrying out of their duties, EKG techs have much interaction with other medical staff.

Phlebotomy technicians are sometimes referred to as phlebotomists. Their training qualifies them to expertly take blood from patients for various reasons, including hospital blood tests and transfusions. They may also be called upon to draw blood samples for blood banks, when persons donate blood. Too, there exists investigative work which sometimes requires blood to be drawn. There are several methods in which blood can be drawn and the student will be trained in every one of these techniques. The most common — drawing blood from a vein — requires an expert and deft approach. Blood can also be drawn from a patient’s heel, if the patient’s foot is not bruised and if the patient does not present with edema. Finally, finger sticks may be used to take blood. With this method, the tech pricks the patient’s finger using a lance.

Both EKG Technicians and Phlebotomists are sought out in the mainstream American healthcare field. These techs can be found not only in hospitals, but also in clinics, doctor’s private practices, laboratories and in all arenas centered around cardiac treatment and rehab.

At ATI, we offer both programs in tandem. However, it is up to the student if they wish to concentrate on one program only: either the EKG Technician program or the program whose courses teach strictly Phlebotomy.

Once the student graduates from these programs and lands a job, they will not only be an indispensable adjuvant to their team in the healthcare profession, but they will be of actual service to the patient. And their career choice comes with perks which most folks appreciate in this day and age: flexible hours, insurance benefits, well-paying wages and, of course, paid sick days and paid vacation time.

These programs are offered in both day and evening schedules. Once a student graduates, they may qualify to sit for certification through ASCP or MedCA Certification in re: Phlebotomy and through MedCA for EKG certification. If the student has an interest in pursuing additional certification, they may apply via CCI as a Certified Rhythm Analysis Technician (CRAT).