Surgical Tech/Scrub Tech/Sterile Process Tech

You’ll be setting up instruments and equipment, preparing patients for surgery, and helping the surgical team throughout the process. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment as a surgical technologist is growing much faster than average.

If you’re considering surgical tech schools, Abundant Training Institute Dual Surgical & Sterile Processing Technology program prepares students for entry-level jobs in clinical settings such as surgical units, Surgi-centers, and surgeons’ offices.

A Day in the Life for Surgical Technology

As a surgical technologist, your days may include the following activities:

  • Prepare operating rooms for surgery
    • Sterilize equipment and make sure that there are adequate supplies for surgery
    • Prepare patients for surgery, such as by washing and disinfecting incision sites
    • Help surgeons during surgery by passing them instruments and other sterile supplies
    • Count supplies such as sponges and instruments to maintain a sterile environment

Take the TS-C national exam offered by the NCCT and accredited by NCCA 

A Day in the Life for Sterile Processing Technology

sterilize instrumentation and equipment through a series of critical steps

understand microbiology and infection control as it pertains to sterile processing and decontamination procedures

implement infection control practices to ensure that patients avoid infections

provide instrumentation and equipment access to doctors, nurses and allied health professionals as required

Our classes will prepare you to work in hospitals, surgery centers, third party re-processors and transplant re-processors handling many of the following items:

Clean, disinfect and distribute sterilized instrumentation and equipment to an emergency department, intensive care unit, the labor and delivery unit, operating room and other areas of health care facilities.

Work in a sterile processing department and central service department setting.

Contribute to a team of sterile processing technicians who are all working together to maintain sterilization and storage.

Find employment in various settings, including hospitals, dental or eye care practices, plastic surgery offices, surgery centers and laboratories.

Take the central sterile processing exam offered by the CBSPD.

The dual program is comprehensible and affordable and only 11 / 12 month in length.

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Cherry Hill

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