An important update on Coronavirus!

You’re a valued member of the Abundant family, and nothing is more important to us than your health and safety. As the spread of coronavirus, known as COVID-19, continues to be a growing concern across the country, we’re taking extra precautions to protect you, our teammates and the students we serve. Our Executive Leadership and business readiness teams are monitoring the situation and are paying close attention to health authorities, including the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), to ensure we’re acting on the latest guidance and information.

By: Tyler Lamb-RN
1. What is a pandemic?
A pandemic is an epidemic occurring on a scale which crosses international boundaries, usually affecting a large number of people. The last pandemic of note was h1n1 commonly known as the swine flu in 2009. One difference of note is this does not include the common flu, it has a vaccine. The current coronavirus does not yet have a vaccine. 
2. How is it spread?
Coronavirus is spread person to person through sputum, skin to skin contact and feces. Because of its Protein structure the virus can “stick” easier than other flu-like viruses. Thus it is highly contagious if you are  exposed. 
3. Is transmission preventable?
There is no 100% fool proof way to prevent transmission of the virus. 
4. Tips to prevent transmission 
A. Hand washing hand washing hand washing 
It is the most effective way to prevent transmission. You should wash your hands for 30 seconds sing the happy bday song twice. Use hand sanitizer after touching things 
B. Do not shake hands 
C. Wear latex or non latex gloves when working if possible. 
D. The only approved masks are N95 respirators 
E. Do not travel if possible. 
F avoid large crowds sporting events, gyms and airports. 
5. If you start to have upper respiratory tract infection-like symptoms, runny nose, fever, cough you need to self quarantine until you can be seen by healthcare. 
6. This is a very serious issue and as everyone has seen in the last 48 hours this is not a drill. The common flu kills 1% of people infected per year the coronavirus is already up to 4% death rate for those infected. Please take into consideration your movements and your actions as the whole world works to prevent more cases.